Who is Convergence 365?

Over the past three years, Convergence365 has been providing support and service to ECC

churches and conference offices for their technology and communication needs. Over this time,

we have valued the relationship we have built with the Evangelical Covenant Church and are sad

to say that this time is coming to an end. As of December 31st, 2014 Convergence365 will be

restructuring our business, and will no longer be offering our services.

We have been blessed to assist in the technology needs and support ECC organizations for the

time that we have. We are proposing an exit road map for the closure below, and as we come to a

close, we will continue to provide the high level of service that we have become known for. In

other words, we are committed to making this transition as smooth and comfortable as possible.

For services with an underlying vendor, we will transition any clients to work directly with those

vendors. This will include moving billing, service and technical support under these particular


The following services are included in this category:

eMarketing provided by Constant Contact

Organizations can continue to use Constant Contact, but will be moved to

purchasing the service directly from Constant Contact. This will increase the

service by 10% as Convergence365 will no longer be offering the services with a

10% discount over retail.

Video and Web Conferencing provided by Cisco Webex

Organizations can continue to use Webex, but will be moved to paying for the

service directly from Cisco. All current service agreements for Webex will expire

April 1 2015, at which point any organization wishing to continue service will be

transitioned into a separate account and pay Cisco Webex directly.

Phone System and Network Protection provided by Qubit Networks

Clients that are using these services will be transitioned to paying Qubit Networks

directly. These services are already serviced by Qubit Networks, so this transition

will be minimal.

Email and Apps provided by Google Apps

Organizations are already being serviced directly by Google for this service.

Web Presence

Organizations will be transitioned to services provided by Maple City Media.

The following services will require no changes to current operations. Either the service has no

clients, or the clients are already working directly with vendors.

  • Online Giving | Event Registration - Clients already work directly with Covenant Giving
  • Church Management Platform - Clients already work directly with Logos
  • Internet Connectivity - Clients are billed and serviced by local providers
  • Discounted Hardware and Software - Clients already work directly with ParagonMicro
  • Hosted File Server | Data Backup - No current clients
  • Workstation Protection - No current clients

It is our intent to provide the highest level of service through this transition. We are intent on

making this transition as minimally invasive to ministry as possible. We will be working directly

with existing clientele to transition as outlined above, and any new business that presents itself will

be directed to contact vendor providers directly.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve your ministries over the last few years. It is our

hope that we helped missional effectiveness during this time, and we hope that moving forward

that your ministries continue to reflect God’s hand in this world.